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How to buy?

STEP 1. Choose the part you need from our online shop.
Add them to your basket by clicking on the button “Buy now”

buy now

STEP 2.When a new windows opens, press the button “Checkout”


STEP 3. In your shopping basket, you can change the amount of items and choose the way of delivery. Click on the button “ORDER”


STEP 4. Enter shipping information and choose payment method. Available payment methods are your country dependant – it can be bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit cards, Papal and many other. If you don’s see your preferable payment method please choose PaySera. It’s international payment system that provides even more payment methods. After that click on button “NEXT”


STEP 5. Now you are on final step – just check the data you have entered before, check the box “I agree with the Terms of the Agreement” and click on the button “Place Order”

Plase Order

Attention: on some cases, depending on your chosen payment method, you can be redirected back to this page. In such case, please click on the “Place Order” button again.

If you have any trouble by placing your order, please, do not hesitate to contact us – we are willing to ship your order as soon as possible.


We send goods to all countries in the world by registered parcels.


For customer convenience we can offer to purchase product over eBay


For more information, please contact us using listed contacts.

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